The Voice In The Wilderness

Saint John the Baptist By Anton Raphael Mengs – John, Jesus and Ramana: Who Am I Lets take a look at three great teachers, two from Palestine of 2000 yrs ago and one from 20th century Tamil Nadu, India, teaching the same thing, in different words. They searched, and found, who the self / […]

End The War Within: Balance The Pole

Yes, there is a civil war raging inside all of us, including those who look very happy or materially and financially very well-off or very spiritual. In fact, especially those falling in these three categories, they have a terrible war going on inside. All of us fall prey to this war. No one, except the […]

Family: A Poisonous Gift From The Ego

This post is not going to make me very popular, especially with those who hold very sweet, romantic concepts of one’s own ‘family’, but what to do. I’ve got to write what I’ve got to write. So, here goes… What is family? 1 generation back, I had 2 ancestors.  2 generations back, I had 6 […]