5 Revolutionary Lessons In Life

Following are some of the things I found most fundamental, and very challenging, to learn and realize in life (I still stumble every day in their application): Seeing The World As One: I have written many posts on this, but it is still a daily challenge for me to remember the oneness of everything and […]

The BS Of Words And The Illusion Of ‘Now’

There is the world of time. And then there is the timeless, which also, to some extent, implies the existence of time, even if by exclusion. Many great wisdom teachers have talked about the timeless, about the ‘now’. What is the ‘now’? If ‘time’ is a human invention, which I believe it is, and if […]

Empty And Fake Relationships

All physical relationships are about ‘give and take’.  Whether its parents and children or husband and wife or siblings or friends or lovers or teacher and student or the Church and the church-goer or the society / city / country and the individual / citizen, there is a mutual give and take involved. This give […]

When The One Spoke And I Listened

The One speaks to us every day. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we are unable to listen. And sometimes we listen loud and clear. This morning it was loud and clear for me. This is what I heard: People, including you, are images and parts of me. They are machines, like computers, that I have created. […]