The Voice In The Wilderness

Saint John the Baptist By Anton Raphael Mengs – John, Jesus and Ramana: Who Am I Lets take a look at three great teachers, two from Palestine of 2000 yrs ago and one from 20th century Tamil Nadu, India, teaching the same thing, in different words. They searched, and found, who the self / […]

Empty And Fake Relationships

All physical relationships are about ‘give and take’.  Whether its parents and children or husband and wife or siblings or friends or lovers or teacher and student or the Church and the church-goer or the society / city / country and the individual / citizen, there is a mutual give and take involved. This give […]

The Blasphemous Prophet

In the history of mankind, there have been some individuals who have transcended the limits of average human intelligence and wisdom, who have seen beyond this world, who have seen the un-manifest world. All of them, after having seen the un-manifest world, brought back the same message, i.e., oneness. They also tried to give a […]