The Bridge To The Shiny City

We all come from the great, big, universal, invisible (to our eyes), eternal self. We are a part of it. Inside and outside, it is there all around us. Then, when we are born, we start a journey which takes us over a bridge to this shiny city called ‘normal life’. On the bridge, we […]

To Pray Or Not To Pray

Just watched the Netflix movie, ‘The Two Popes’. Congratulations to Netflix, Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, director Fernando Meirelles and the whole team… what a fantastic job, guys!!! A tribute also to the Holy Fathers, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. What amazing and inspiring lives they lead and what powerful influence they can have on […]

The Voice In The Wilderness

Saint John the Baptist By Anton Raphael Mengs – John, Jesus and Ramana: Who Am I Lets take a look at three great teachers, two from Palestine of 2000 yrs ago and one from 20th century Tamil Nadu, India, teaching the same thing, in different words. They searched, and found, who the self / […]

Family: A Poisonous Gift From The Ego

This post is not going to make me very popular, especially with those who hold very sweet, romantic concepts of one’s own ‘family’, but what to do. I’ve got to write what I’ve got to write. So, here goes… What is family? 1 generation back, I had 2 ancestors.  2 generations back, I had 6 […]

Karma, Dreams And The Balance Needed In Daily Life

What is ‘Karma’? It is a Sanskrit word meaning, ‘action’. Ancient Hindu wisdom teachers studied human actions and how each action has consequences and how it leads to further actions or reactions. They came up with the ‘law of Karma’, which states that actions have consequences and that good actions will have good consequences and […]

Freedom From God, Gurus And Spirituality

I have written a few posts before this one about great wisdom teachers who have taught about letting go of attachments. Money, power, prestige, fame, fortune, family, sex, bank balances, property, so on and so forth. All these attachments take place in the mind, which is the seat of the Ego. The Ego holds the […]