The Bridge To The Shiny City

We all come from the great, big, universal, invisible (to our eyes), eternal self. We are a part of it. Inside and outside, it is there all around us. Then, when we are born, we start a journey which takes us over a bridge to this shiny city called ‘normal life’. On the bridge, we […]

The Voice In The Wilderness

Saint John the Baptist By Anton Raphael Mengs – John, Jesus and Ramana: Who Am I Lets take a look at three great teachers, two from Palestine of 2000 yrs ago and one from 20th century Tamil Nadu, India, teaching the same thing, in different words. They searched, and found, who the self / […]

Family: A Poisonous Gift From The Ego

This post is not going to make me very popular, especially with those who hold very sweet, romantic concepts of one’s own ‘family’, but what to do. I’ve got to write what I’ve got to write. So, here goes… What is family? 1 generation back, I had 2 ancestors.  2 generations back, I had 6 […]

Our Core Moments: The Best We Have Ever Been

Someone is looking for a nice job, someone else is looking for love, another is looking for a spiritual experience, still another for political power. All of us are searching, for one thing or another. We are desperately running after things. It is as if life has made us a promise and now we are […]

Empty And Fake Relationships

All physical relationships are about ‘give and take’.  Whether its parents and children or husband and wife or siblings or friends or lovers or teacher and student or the Church and the church-goer or the society / city / country and the individual / citizen, there is a mutual give and take involved. This give […]

Mindfulness Or Mindlessness?

We have seen the terms ‘mindfulness’ and ‘mindful’ being prescribed for spiritual development and also being used to describe people who are more ‘aware’ than others. It is an interesting term. Lets look at it more deeply.  Lets start with the mind. What is the mind? I equate ‘mind’ with ‘consciousness’. So, then, what is […]

The Beginning And End Of Conflict

Why is there so much conflict in our lives about everything, from conflicts in our own personality to conflicts in our family and community to conflicts with other countries and other regional and global conflicts? Can these conflicts be avoided and, if so, how? And is it possible to create a society which is free […]

Human Desires, Needs And Ultimate Redundancy

From childhood to death, we are driven by our desires and what we perceive as our needs. We are helpless in the face of our desires. Whether it is a relationship or a job or money or a political post or a desire for revenge or for entertainment or food or drinks, these desires make […]