Images And Words: All words come from images in our individual minds. The images come from our perception. The perception comes from three sources: (i) our biology (the way the eyes and the brain work), (ii) the genetics (the information handed down to us at birth (the pre-programming) and (iii) the information we acquire through our senses and our experiences. All these are subjective (as opposed to objective) and carry our mind-prints (which are like fingerprints of the mind). These mind-prints are unique signatures that arise from the mix of the three things mentioned above. No two individuals can have the same mind-prints, just like no two individuals can have the same fingerprints. Hence, the perceptions carry our unique mind-prints, which means that the images we have carry our unique mind-prints and that means that our words reflect our unique mind-prints. Thats why no two people see the same thing the same way and no two people express the same thing the same way. Even when they agree on something, that agreement has its limits.

Beyond Words And Images: There is a world beyond images and words. In that world, there are no mind-prints. No images. No perceptions. No words. It cannot be described. It can be visited when we are alone, silent and still. That is the world I am interested in.

Relativity in life: All adjectives are relative in application. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, smart, intelligent, lovely, beautiful, spiritual, right, wrong, and so on and so forth, all these have their meaning coming from our own individual minds.

Purpose Behind Thoughts, Words And Activities: If I am thinking about something, if I am using words to express something, if am doing something, there is a purpose behind these. What is the purpose behind this post? I started this blog as a way of conveying my thoughts to others. But now I realize how silly that goal was (all goals are silly eventually). There are no ‘others’, there is only me. And thoughts are not important enough to be conveyed. There is something far more valuable inside all of us and everyone can access it.

So, whey then should I continue to write? Is this a way of clearing my own mind? Does writing help me see myself? Will these words help me see myself? Can words really help me see myself? Perhaps, to an extent. One day I will need to stop writing. I feel writing will only take me so far. And then I will have to drop words. And perhaps then the real journey will start. I feel like I am reaching the point where words will become useless, where I won’t need to use them as crutches to walk on my path, where all purposes behind the words will drop, where I can exist in the silent mode, speech-less, where I can just observe and that will be enough, no reactions needed. Maybe words will arise and go away without the need to say them, like clouds appearing and floating away on a beautiful sky without raining down. Maybe this blog had to be started, so that I come to understand something and move beyond.

Is this my final post? Who knows, lets see if I will come across another reason to write…

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