Love Hate Relationships And The Art Of Conversing Spiritually

the robe meditations

I did the post originally about the art of conversation from a spiritual point of view. But then, after a couple of hours of having posted it, I realized that in writing this post, I had discovered something new about love-hate relationships which I had been thinking about for the last many years but never really figured out the true basis of love-hate relationships.

So, then, I amended the post and made it about, both, love-hate relationships and the art of conversing spiritually.

Here goes…

Most of us love meeting people, talking to them, exchanging ideas, etc. And, psychologically, all of us desperately need to connect. Otherwise, we become sad and depressed. There is this deep hunger to connect. And I believe it is a spiritual need. Just like searching for God or nirvana or moksha or the Creator, call it whatever, or like searching for our own source, identity…

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