A Code For Authentic Living

  1. THE SPIRITUAL ELEMENT: There is only The One. You and others are all images of The One. And you contain The One. The One lives inside everyone of you. Just as The One is called ‘divine’, so is each one of you divine. And you are not separate from one another. You are all one, like the fingers on your hand or like the waves in an ocean or like the leaves on a tree. Try to experience utter silence and stillness. In utter silence and stillness, when the words and images of this world recede, you might experience something new, something you have never faced before. The eternal oneness which has no images, no boundaries, no noise, no attachments. Once you catch a whiff of the fragrance of this eternal oneness, you are on your way to reclaiming your own eternity. You have found yourself. You have reached home. (This is the most critical part of the Code and I deliberately start with the spiritual element. For me, this is the first and the most important element for a life worth living. You can throw away everything else included here and just keep this part and you’ll end up in the same place. Every other element of the Code is derived from this one.)
  2. LIVING WITH OTHERS: The ‘others’ are you. It is a myth that you are separate from others. Whoever you meet, you meet yourself. And all of your relationships are with yourself. Help these others without getting attached. Advise them if they need advice and if you are experienced enough to advise. Do not judge them. Do not fear them. Do not compare your life with theirs. In your interactions with others, try to rise above the everyday rules of behaviour that you have been using all your life and just remember the eternal oneness. With practice, patience and perseverance, this remembrance will bring a new kind of relationship and a new kind of love. Judgment and comparison will give way to understanding and compassion. This will happen on its own, without any struggle. A new love will arise, which you will not understand in the beginning. This love will be without any attachments, it will be towards everyone you come across and it will be without any give and take. Once you can see yourself loving everyone without exception and without any attachment at all and loving everyone without needing anything at all, then, for the first time in your life, you have experienced real love as opposed to the commercial love that we all practice which is based on a very well-defined give and take.
  3. KEEPING THE BIGGER PICTURE IN MIND: This life is like a short trip and you are already on your way back from the trip, like a wave rising in an ocean and then going back to the ocean. You will rise again as a wave in another life. Observe and understand this process and live accordingly. From the moment we are born, we are all on our way out. But we forget and we indulge in the ego-based life, which leads to temporary and meaningless pursuits.
  4. MONEY AND MATERIAL GOALS: Practice minimal living – all needs, goals and attachments are like chains. Observe these chains in your own life and know that you have the option to free yourself. The body lives in a world based on money. Money is needed when you are born and, unless you have broken free of the world of money, it will be needed when you die and at all times in between. And human desire is a bottom-less pit. It will never be fulfilled. If you are moneyless or jobless, you desire a nice well-paying job. If you earn in thousands, you want to become a millionaire. If you’re a millionaire, you dream of becoming a billionaire. And so on and so forth. Keep that in mind and watch your desires. Just observing yourself and your changing desires will bring about a change. Slowly, step-by-step, you will become less desiring and more content. Master the art of budgeting and living frugally. And you will notice your stress and anxiety levels going down. The less stress and anxiety you have, the more meditative you are. If you plan to leave the world of money, then plan the departure accordingly. Do not leave unfulfilled any prior obligations. The great Buddha, when he realized the absurdity of everyday life, ran away from the royal palace to seek more understanding and an alternate way of life, leaving his parents (the King and the Queen) and his wife and kid behind. As per some traditions, after he became enlightened, he came back to apologize and tell his family what happened to him. His family eventually understood and forgave him and became his devotees, but the point here is that may be he could have done things differently instead of running away from his responsibilities. Yes, there is always the possibility of analysis paralysis i.e., not taking any action to fulfil your great purpose in life, but that can be avoided too. In any case, the world of money, possessions and attachments cannot be combined with the world of God, meditation and silence. Anyone who chooses the path of God will have to start letting go of all material possessions, tangible or intangible.
  5. LIVING TRUTHFULLY: This means, firstly, speaking the factual truth and not telling lies or making things up. Lies and deception come from a twisted, contorted mind. They make life twisted and contorted too. And they hurt you more than they hurt others. Secondly, it means living a life based on the lessons you have already learnt in life. Ignoring the lessons you have learnt in life will make your life conflicted and unintelligent. So, have the courage to grab this moment and live your life as truthfully as possible. If you keep postponing a truthful life to the future then this postponement will become a habit. If you start living a truthful life, then such truthful living will become a habit. In the end so much of what we are and become depends on our habits. Start cutting all the BS that you practice in your relationships and your professional and social lives. And live today the life that you want to live. Don’t postpone it to future.
  6. FOCUS: Live your life like a well-sharpened pencil and don’t spread yourself thin. Focus on doing what you really need to do or what you feel you are most passionate about. Find and focus on doing what you would do even if you are not paid to do it. That would be the thing that is really worth doing. It is like being with a woman or a man that you fall madly in love with, as compared to being with someone that you maybe like a little bit, or not even that. That is the kind of profession you need. Something that you fall in love with. Not something that you do 9 to 5, five days a week, and dream of getting off work and enjoying the weekend. No, once you find the right profession, then your whole week is a weekend. There is no difference between the week days and the weekend. You enjoy through the whole week. Work becomes play. Once you have found it, focus on it. Realize and cut out all the crap that you fill your day with just because you don’t have anything better to do. Find that something that will consume you like a raging fire. That is the one thing you should be doing. It is better to do that one thing very well than to do many things not so well.
  7. HEALTHY BODY: Take care of your body. Exercise a little every day and eat light and purposefully. Avoid things to subdue or excite the brain. Just let the body, including the brain, be. Let them work at their own pace and with their own intelligence. And, while you take care of the body, don’t get too attached to it. One day it is going to wither away and you will depart on the next leg of your journey. Like everything else in this life, treat the body as something leased to you for a while. One day, the lease is going to expire and you will have to return it. Till then, enjoy it, take care of it and use it to achieve whatever purpose you find in life.

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