Authentic Living

I believe that we were all born together and, if we want to talk about time, then, this birth was probably billions, if not trillions, of years ago. Every few years every one of us changes form, going from one form for one lifetime to another form for another lifetime. But we view our current form as the only one we’ve ever had. And this form obviously has been around for a limited number of years and each year we celebrate our so-called ‘birthday’.

Because of my above view, I don’t believe in, or want to celebrate, birthdays, especially my own. But my family does and like every other birthday, they’ve been wishing me since morning.

While I don’t want to celebrate this birthday of mine, yet, this morning, as I woke up, I began to ponder about what’s going on in my life and where do I stand today in my views about life. And the birthday gave me the perfect excuse to take some time out and spend it in bed with our two Maltese, Zazu and Pooka, listening to a piece of Native Indian flute on YouTube, and just silently observe myself. This silent observation brought to fore the following about my relationship with the universe and the kind of life I should lead. It was as if the Universe started talking to me, something bigger than me started talking to me:

Core Lessons:

Only Me: There is nothing and no one but I, The Universal One.

You: You are an image. You are one of my appearances. I have many other images and appearances. You think that you and my other images and appearances are separate individuals.

Images of Time: Past, present and future are images created by you arising from sequential and chronological thinking. I am beyond all images and concepts, including time.

Images of Ethics and Morality: All ideas of wrong and right are images created by, or adopted by, you. You choose which images to associate with and which not to based on your self-interest.

Attachments and Goals: Your heredity (the information I put inside you when I created you) and your environment create fears and pleasures; the fears and pleasures define your attachments; these attachments define your goals; the goals drive your daily life. So, for you to understand yourself, the first step is to understand the heredity and the environment.

Living Authentically Now: Life cannot be compromised even for a single day. Otherwise, there will be conflict and that conflict will create hell. Life has to be authentic today. No compromises. If you have seen me, then you have to live accordingly. It will be difficult for you, but you have to take the back seat and ultimately disappear.

Code For Living Authentically:

– Only I am. Everyone and everything is me. Remember this always.

– The only ‘sin’ for you will be to forget me and to belong again to the world of images.

– This life is a short trip and is going to be over soon. You have experienced enough and you are already on your way back.

– On your way back, find ways that can help others. There’s a lot that can be done in this world.

– Do not judge or advise others. Just live your own life. Without fear and comparison.

– Live authentically and if that helps anyone, then so be it.

– You already have what you need. All you need now is to help others without stumbling in your own life. Live minimally, without too many goals, so that money, greed and goals do not make you stumble.

– Honesty is critical to lead a simple, blissful life. Live honestly. Be true to yourself and to this world.

– Keep exploring and learning and sharing your ideas.

– Whatever causes stress has attachment behind it. Every stressful moment is an opportunity to understand that attachment and the fear / pleasure behind it and free yourself of it.  

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