The BS Of Words And The Illusion Of ‘Now’

There is the world of time. And then there is the timeless, which also, to some extent, implies the existence of time, even if by exclusion.

Many great wisdom teachers have talked about the timeless, about the ‘now’. What is the ‘now’?

If ‘time’ is a human invention, which I believe it is, and if we cannot understand the world without the idea of time (even Einstein talked about spacetime being the fabric of the universe), then the past, the future and also the present are also human inventions. The human mind works away at dividing and labelling experience. In the instant case, it is dividing ‘time’ into its various stages, the past, the present and the future.

Wisdom teachers say, we need to live in the ‘now’. Some call it the herenow, which is more in sync with Einstein’s concept of space-time, ‘here’ referring to space and ‘now’ referring to time.

All these are words. This post I am writing is made up of words. And all words are BS, if we really want to move beyond what we think we ‘know’ or what we think we can see. So, can we move beyond words?

Yes, we can. And there is only one way. The way of silence and stillness. On this way, there are no words, no ideas, no thoughts, no images, no attachments. There is no time. And, hence, there is no past, present or future. There is no ‘now’. And there is no ‘herenow’. Total freedom, which I cannot express in this post. It comes and goes, like a cool breeze that suddenly comes on a warm evening. The only way to feel that breeze is to stand outside and let it come to you. You have to leave the house and go outside, by which I mean, you have to leave yourself behind and go outside. Leave the ‘I’ behind. Take off the robe of the ego. You have to come absolutely naked. Just like you were born.

When you are fully naked, then you will feel the breeze, even if for a few moments. And once you have felt it, it will leave you redundant for the rest of the world. You will become useless, utterly useless, in the material world. So, be very careful in what you wish for.

That nakedness is what Jesus called repentance. You become one with the Creator. Mohammad called it tawhid. It is the death of the ego. You have taken off and thrown away the robe of ego that you always used to wear.

And the breeze is what Buddha called nirvana and Mahavira called moksha.

So, for a few seconds every day, lets forget about being in the ‘now’ or the ‘herenow’. Lets continue on the path of utter silence and utter stillness, the path on which there are no words. Lets move beyond the BS of words, including this post. When all words, all images and all attachments are left behind, then a new perception will arise, a perception which does not need physical eyes. That is the beginning of the only real freedom and the only true wisdom and knowledge.

(Image by Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay)

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