I Hate Luv Storys!

No, I don’t hate love stories. That is just the title of this sweet Bollywood (Indian cinema) movie which some would call a chick flick but I actually like it very much and have seen a few times. Great actors, great movie! Love you all, guys! Great work!

This post is not about the movie, but about the concept of romantic love and the notion of long-term relationships based on such love.

Like many other movies made all over the world, the movie is about a character (the boy in this case) who believes in casual physical relationships rather than serious long-term relationships based on ‘love’. He meets this gorgeous young woman who is all about ‘love’ and marriage. She is engaged to someone else but falls in love with him and, obviously, since he doesn’t believe in romantic love, gets her heart broken and moves away. Then, when she moves away, he ends up falling in love with her. But she has, in the meanwhile, gone back to her former fiance’. So now the boy gets his heart broken. Eventually, to cut it short, they find each other again and live happily ever after.

I wonder if I should write a script which runs in reverse as far as the progress of love goes. and whether, even if I write it, anyone would care to risk making a film based on it.

My script would run like this:

A girl, who always dreams of falling in love with someone and getting married with such a person, finally finds her prince charming. After being together for a year, the two decide to get engaged. They are very happy, as are their families.

Time passes quickly and after six months of engagement, they tie the knot.

Fast forward to fifteen years down the road, they have two kids, a girl and a boy, aged 13 and 8 respectively.

The guy has become a successful dentist and is a partner in a dental practice with offices in multiple states and travels a lot for business.

The woman is a famous interior designer who works with celebrities and earns in millions. She also starts exploring religion and spirituality. She is also travelling a lot.

The two are moving apart slowly and the passionate love that they experienced is dying a slow death.

The woman goes through a number of short-term, casual relationships with other men, which is making her very sad. But, at the same time, she advances in her spiritual search.

The kids grow up feeling lonely in a loveless house and, disappointed in their parents and facing purposelessness in life, they finally move away for studies and to discover life on their own.

After another few years of spiritual journey, the woman finally comes to term with life, with her own selfishness, with the role that ego and hormones play in our lives, with the biological imperative to have kids and other psychological triggers in our life. She comes to understands the true meaning of love which is totally different from the give-n-take relationships we develop thinking that that is true love. She realizes that true love is not directed towards one or more specific persons but is love which arises when we let go of all attachments and fear. She finds that the only significant relationship she can have is with herself. And she finds that there is no one but her. Everything and everyone around her is her. She is making great progress on the mystical path.

She has already made enough money, so she sells the business and embarks on another journey, this time to talk to her husband and kids to explain to them what has happened in her life. Everyone tries to understand each other and they eventually do understand and forgive each other.

The woman then takes leave and embarks on a long trip that will take her to many different countries in the world where she will continue to learn about life, to meditate, to experience stillness and help those she comes across on her journey.

She has found her way to true love, to God, to Allah, to Bhagwan, to nirvana, to moksha, to the Kingdom of Heaven.

A different kind of a love story, isn’t it? Perhaps not a script for a Hollywood or Bollywood blockbuster!

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