Human Desires, Needs And Ultimate Redundancy

From childhood to death, we are driven by our desires and what we perceive as our needs. We are helpless in the face of our desires. Whether it is a relationship or a job or money or a political post or a desire for revenge or for entertainment or food or drinks, these desires make us get up in the morning and run all day and then go to sleep just to get up again and do the same all over again.

And this we do all our life, unable to stop till we are dead or no longer capable of running after these things.

Lets look at the psychological process involved in this running around that defines us and what we stand for.

It all starts at our birth. As we discussed in the earlier posts, ‘The Beginning And End Of Conflict’ and ‘The ‘I’ Addiction’, the sum total of the information contained in the human mind is made up of two parts broadly, i.e., the hereditary information (contained in our genes coming from our parents) and the acquired information, i.e., information acquired from our experiences in life. These two come together to form our personality. The hereditary information pertains to birth, preservation of life, reproduction and, ultimately, death of the individual. Acquired information pertains to some of these and all the rest of our life.

We also discussed that if there is any so-called objective Purpose of Life, then that is solely the inherited purpose, i.e., birth, reproduction and death of the individual.

All other purposes that we may think of result from acquired information.

Human needs and desires may be defined as follows:

Needs: everything that the body requires to fulfil the above mentioned hereditary Purpose of Life, is a ‘Need’, such as eating food, drinking water, breathing, having sex and reproducing, etc.

Where do the Needs come from: from the hereditary information; we are born with these needs. For so-called normal human beings, there is no way around them. These have to be met, otherwise the Purpose of Life will remain unfulfilled, causing great anxiety and physical and/or mental disturbances. The hereditary and acquired information come together to form the personality, i.e., the ego, whose main purpose is to sustain the individual long enough to procreate. And once that is done, once reproduction has taken place, then the individual has served his/her purpose.

Desires: everything else that we want to fulfil all other purposes in life, such as getting married, having long-term relationships, getting rich, owning property, acquiring social elevated status, being entertained, seeking revenge, degrading others, acquiring knowledge beyond the knowledge needed to fulfil the Purpose of Life and so on and so forth.

Where do desires come from: desires come from attachment, which comes into being when the ego is formed. Desire, attachment, ego and hormones all play their part in enticing the individual to procreate. And, as mentioned above, when procreation has happened, the original Purpose of Life has been fulfilled. But that’s when the real trouble starts.

For the purposes of life, the parent individuals are now almost redundant. New life has been brought into this world and becomes of utmost importance. Parents must continue to look after this new life till it can manage on its own. And that is the beginning of the end for the parents. The more the new born becomes independent, the more redundant the parents become. Finally, one day, the youngster becomes fully capable of looking after itself. And the parent becomes fully redundant and can be killed off. Death is the future of these redundant individuals. Life / universe will now start killing these older individuals. Old age, sickness, disease, all these will come one after the other to claim these redundant lives.

When we see science making progress in elongating human life, it is actually the elongation of redundancy.

Fear and attachment, which were life’s hand-maidens in ensuring that the older individuals gave birth to young ones and protected them, now make these older individuals want to protect themselves against death. They find it unable to let go. They don’t think they are redundant. They don’t want to die.

But die we all must, for that is part of the hereditary information. It is part of our genetic make up. As weird as it may sound, death (or physical cessation) is one of our Needs. It is how we are programmed. And it is what the Divine has planned from the beginning. All redundant physical beings must cease to exist.

At the other level, the non-physical level, the meta-physical level, the energy level, this death leads to a return to our eternal nature, leaving new life behind in the physical world. The baton has been passed on to the new life, while we return to our original / eternal / universal self.

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