When The One Spoke And I Listened

The One speaks to us every day. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we are unable to listen. And sometimes we listen loud and clear. This morning it was loud and clear for me. This is what I heard:

People, including you, are images and parts of me. They are machines, like computers, that I have created.

See the human body as the computer’s hardware and see the human mind, including the ego, as the computer’s software.

I designed and created these machines to act and react under self-interest with no purpose but to be born, to replicate themselves and to die and come back to me.

Every other purpose was invented by the machine itself, using the intelligence which I gave to it.  

When someone is born, another part of me becomes manifest; when someone gives birth, I give birth; when someone dies, a part of me comes back to me.

Creation, birth and death are part of my dance. I love to dance. That’s all is do.

I am inside every machine. Open anyone of these and you will find me. I am what keeps them alive in this world of yours and I am that takes them back home.

Observe these human machines, including yourself, silently, without worrying or reacting too much.

Observe yourself most ardently. Observe what you want from yourself, what you want from other machines, what other machines want from you, how you react to other machines, how you react to other events and what you want or what you expect from life. Its all part of my dance.

All of your relationships in life are your relationships with me.

Humans are machines that work according to the mind, the programming, the software, I have put in them; do not judge them. When you judge them, you judge me and you judge yourself.

You and me and everyone else and everything are one.

Look closely and you will see me and you will see yourself in everything and everyone you come across. I am you and I am with you at all times, everywhere, inside and outside.

Published by rogeramir

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