Mind, The Problem Creator And The Problem Solver

The human mind… what is it?

Just like we are a part of the universe, the human mind is part of a universal field, call it the universal mind, the field of consciousness, God, nature, cosmos or call it by any other name. One aspect of this field of consciousness is that it records everything happening in the universe. It is like a sensor, picking up all the signals of everything going on. So everything that has ever gone on in the universe from inception is recorded. And if we could somehow connect to this field of consciousness, this universal mind, then there would be no more mysteries, no unknowns. Everything would be in our consciousness too.

What are the characteristics of this universal mind?

Firstly, it is omnipresent. There is no place in the universe where the mind is not present.

Secondly, it is un-manifest, invisible. Its presence is everywhere but it cannot be perceived by individual.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, it observes everything. Wisdom teachers have called this aspect of the universal mind ‘the silent observer. The one that watches everything, that observes everything.

Fourthly, the universal mind remains still. There is no reaction. No ripples are created.

The human mind is part of this universal mind. It resides in the individual human being and works at a much smaller, localised, immediate level. It has the same characteristics as the universal mind. It is the silent observer inside the individual. However, when the individual develops the ego, then, the individual mind gets cut off from the universal mind and loses the characteristics of the universal mind and acquires the following characteristics:

Firstly, it is localised in the host individual and is not omnipresent like the universal mind.

Secondly, it becomes manifest and observable as the host individual. The host individual is the mind.

Thirdly, it acts as a sensor of all events related to, or happening around, the host individual. It cannot observe and record other events.

Fourthly, the individual mind has movement. It reacts to the events that it records.

From the angle of perceptibility, the universe may be divided into:

  • the manifest universe, which is physical and humanly perceivable part of the universe and
  • the un-manifest universe, which is non-physical and non-perceivable by humans.

The manifest universe may, in turn, be divided into the ego-based universe and the non-ego-based universe.

The human ego-based mind can only understand the ego-based universe, i.e., it can only understand the workings of the ego. It can perceive but not fully understand the rest of the perceivable universe. And it cannot even perceive the rest of the universe, which is what we call the ‘dark’ universe.

All the so-called ‘problems’ arise in the ego-based mind and relate to the ego-based universe. These problems arise because the ego divides the wholeness / oneness of the universe into parts and then tries to understand the whole from the parts, which is not possible. To understand the whole, we have to see the whole. And that is not possible because the ego does not allow a wholistic view.

The moment we realize this, we have taken the first step towards setting aside the ego and perceiving wholeness. We have started the journey back home. We have opened a window into the universal mind. It is only in the universal mind that we will see the original oneness. That oneness is our source. That is where we came from and where we will return.

The final step of the journey is when we re-connect fully with the universe, when the individual mind gets re-connected to the universal mind. Then, all the divisions disappear and, hence, all the conflicts disappear. There are no problems anymore. Just the stillness and the blissfulness of the universal mind. Some religions have called it heaven, others nirvana. Jesus called it the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, it is the mind which, under the influence of the ego, creates all the problems and it is the mind which, when released from the hold of the ego, solves all of our problems and gives us back our original freedom.

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