Conspiracy Theories And The Ultimate Deception

There is at least one thing common between a conspiracy theorist, on the one hand, and a mystic or a spiritual seeker, on the other. Both have discovered, or are trying to discover, what lies behind the visible, the immediately obvious.

The conspiracy theorist is looking at the political world and is trying to understand the real source of power and the actual cause of events and happenings on the political stage. From assassinations to changes in political regimes to wars and unrest, the conspiracy theorist refuses to look at what the popular news media is presenting as the truth and is racking her brain out in connecting the various dots to arrive at a different view. She has lost trust in what people and the so-called experts are telling her about the world. The media and the journalists are expected to present a fair and accurate report of events so that the public can judge the same and decide how to react. Nowadays, however, the journalists has taken upon themselves not only to report an event, but also to judge the same and to present the public with either with their own judgement or to present the facts with a twist, a spiel, expecting the public to just accept that judgement or the spiel and to react accordingly. The general public, we, the ‘sheeple’ are thought of as being too dumb to think and judge things on their own. Thats how the media and the politicians, working for the elites, exert control on the sheeple.

For the conspiracy theorist, Democracy was never a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. It is a government of the ringmaster meant for keeping the herd of sheeple, i.e., us, moving in a particular direction. And that direction comes from the ringmaster.

Has intelligent life existed in the universe for hundreds of millions of years? Did Atlantians come to earth thousands of years ago from another planet escaping from planetary destruction? Were they culturally and technologically advanced and possessed weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons? Did Jesus exist or did the Romans invent him? Was the earliest Christianity ambushed and manipulated by the powers that be, with the help of people like Paul in order to advance their own vested interests? Do aliens exist and are they the real rulers on planet Earth who make all the major decisions for this planet? Did the German Fourth Reich actually defeat the US forces after the WWII? Was Hitler’s suicide a ‘fake news’ and did he actually spend the rest of his life after WWII in South America? Who really had JFK assassinated? Who are the real Illuminati and what powers do they possess today? Who shot Ronald Reagan and to achieve what? Who holds the real power in the US and are the elections in the US (or for that matter anywhere in the world) just a hoax to keep people occupied with non-issues and to give them the false comfort that they, the people, are the real decision makers? Have millions of human beings been moved to off-planet civilizations? Are we, human beings, doing inter-planetary trading with hundreds of different kinds of aliens? Were Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong and other world leaders (before and after these) all proteges of the unknown ringmaster who holds the real whip in this world-wide circus known as the international geo-political system? Was 9/11 and all that happened after it just one of the acts in this on-going circus? What is the role of secret societies in the founding and history of the USA? Was Shakespeare the real author or did Francis Bacon and friends actually write all the literature under Shakespeare’s name? And so on and so forth! An unending list of conspiracy theories.

The above are only some of the questions that conspiracy theorists ask and try to answer. And if we start going into these and other conspiracies, we will come across facts which will change our views about our world and our daily lives forever.

However, the purpose of this post is not to go into these. Our purpose here is to go to an even deeper level of deception. A deeper level? How is that possible? What could go deeper than the answers to the above questions?

Yes, there is something that goes deeper. And this deeper level is the ultimate deception? It is the deception of the ego. This deception is not carried out by humans. The purpose is not the manipulation of financial and political systems. This deception is carried out by life itself. It has created a race, our race, the human race, which thrives on physicality. This race has evolved from the tiniest particles and unicellular organisms to become a physically and mentally sophisticated specie. This specie has developed a brain that responds to stimuli recorded by sense perception. Whatever it can see, touch, smell or feel appears to exist. Nothing which cannot be perceived by the physical body exists. Over time, individuals have learnt to identify themselves with their name, family, city, country, friends, possessions, bank balances, house and other tangible and intangible possessions. All these possessions and identifications form the ‘I’, the ego. ‘I’ am all the things I possess.

Life has programmed us in such a way that there is birth, growth, reproduction and death. That is our life cycle, as we have evolved to see it. That is our conditioning. We cannot see things any other way.

In addition, we are told that we are ‘sinful’ creatures who must accept God and go to church and pay money to the Church regularly (called ‘tithing’), otherwise we will go to hell.

This fear of dying and dying in a sinful state creates a desire to growth materially and religiously / spiritually. We develop as many relationships as possible and acquire as much property as possible in order to survive death in one way or another, i.e., by leaving behind kids or a legacy or fond memories or by buying a piece of heaven for which the purchase price can be paid to the Church in instalments, by tithing every week.

And this deception is so strong that we do not even question it. Conspiracy theories can at least be talked about. But this deception of the ego, no, we cannot even conceive it as possible. How is it possible that ‘I’ am just a temporary bundle of images, thoughts and memories which will soon dissolve into thin air? No, I cannot be so insignificant. That goes against my whole upbringing and programming. I am special and extraordinary and I am going to survive death, in one way or the other.

Who is the ringmaster of this circus? Who is the playwright of this drama? Who is calling the shots? Call it God or life or nature or the Eternal or The All or the Universal or the Cosmic Consciousness. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The ego is just a pawn in the game. It is meant to encourage growth and reproduction. Once we have reproduced, then we are of no further use. Then we are on our way out by means of a slow death.

Nature / God has its own plans for us. And there is a carrot and stick policy in place. There are rewards and punishments. We get a carrot every time we play it right and we get punished when we do not play it right.

As long as we do not understand the game, we stay in the game. The moment we understand the game, we will be out of it. There have been a few, the great wisdom teachers and mystics, who have understood the game and escaped. All the rest of us, we refuse to open our eyes and see the actual game. We are so engrossed in the game that we refuse to take time out to take a step back and look at the big picture.

So the real question is, what kind of world do you want to live in? Is this world that we are living in right now enough for you? Or are you the curious one, the conspiracy theorist, the mystic, the spiritual seeker who wants to go behind the stage and look at the real faces of the actors? Do you want to see your eternal / universal self which has an inherent knowledge of all universal events, which lives outside of time and which does not rely upon the sense perceptions of this tiny human body?

May be you do, may be you don’t. In either case, it is not a big deal. We are eternal beings experiencing a temporary, deceptive ‘reality’. Soon we will be heading back to the eternal realm from where we came. No worries.

In the meantime, if you wake up, start digging, start searching. And you will start finding answers.

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